2-in-1 StarCat + CompuKitty GigaPet from Top Secret Toys

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of GigaPets, Chicago-based Top Secret Toys has launched a new 2-in-1 virtual pet that harkens back to the past while looking to the future.

The special edition GigaPet offers kids two pets in one device: the original CompuKitty from the 1990s and a new feline called StarCat.

Selecting the original CompuKitty at the beginning of the game provides users with an authentic retro experience. In fact, Top Secret Toys integrated the original software codebase from the 1997 release to provide virtual pet owners with all the original animations and sound effects.

The futuristic StarCat provides an alternative to the nostalgia. In addition to new animations, the character interacts with kids by answering their questions about the future while also acting as a digital fortune teller. Once a day, StarCat “looks up to the sky and predicts the future”, displaying a symbol on screen that can be referenced in a chart for its meaning.

To experience all of this GigaPet goodness, users must care for their virtual pets by feeding, cleaning, and playing with them.

GigaPets Compukitty/StarCat is available from Top Secret Toy’s Amazon Storefront at the cost of $17.99 USD.

Company: Top Secret Toys | Available: Now | Price: $17.99 USD