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Vintage Radio and Communications Museum – Windsor, CT

Located in Windsor, Connecticut, the Vintage Radio and Communications Museum is dedicated to sharing and preserving this history of electronic communications and how it has dramatically impacted our lives.

Through a series of hands-on exhibits, visitors can learn about the telegraph, telephone, mechanical sound recording, wireless telegraphy, radio, and television. Museum displays cover the periods from the mid-1850s through the dawning of the computer age in the mid-1970s.

A free guided tour with a volunteer docent is available to all visitors. In addition to the museum’s diverse collection, regular classes in crystal radio building and HAM radio are also offered. The 20,000 square foot building also houses a recording studio and an extensive research library with factory manuals, schematics, QST magazines, and other historical data.

Regular swap meets are held throughout the year where collectors and vendors from throughout the Northeast sell, swap or trade vintage communications related items.


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