Link Roundup: Tower Records, PlayStation, Toy Story 4, and more

8 things we wanted to share this week:

  1. If you’re too young to remember the magic of Tower Records, here’s what you missed.
  2. Here’s a look at the humble beginnings of Hake’s Auctions.
  3. The PlayStation turned 25 this week. Here are 20 fun facts about Sony’s first gaming console.
  4. A newly digitized menu collection shows off America’s lost railroad cuisine.
  5. Toy Story 4’s Forky inspired’s Word of the Year.
  6. Doctor Who will welcome New Year’s Day with its Season 12 premiere.
  7. The new Nonpartisan UNO has removed red and blue cards to try to keep politics out of games.
  8. Dolby and Walt Disney Studios have partnered for a limited-run, interactive Star Wars exhibition in New York.

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