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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.
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Link Roundup: the Sonic Frisbee, Crayola, Paddington Bear, and more

8 things we wanted to share this week:

  1. Wham-O has re-invented a classic toy with their new Sonic Frisbee.
  2. Marvel has joined forces with Vans for a new themed shoe and clothing line.
  3. Stranger Things had partnered with Schwinn for “Mike’s Bike.”
  4. Crayola releases a new vegan beauty line.
  5. Check out this inside look at how Pikachu developed throughout the creation process.
  6. Two of our favorite brands! IKEA has announced a new collaboration with LEGO.
  7. You can now have a look at Ferris Bueller’s room in VR.
  8. For fans of Paddington Bear, there’s a lot to look forward to in honour of the bear’s 60th anniversary.

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