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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

Link Roundup: American Girl Dolls, Hostess Cakes, Holochess, and more

8 things we wanted to share this week:

  1. Mattel has given the go-ahead for a musical based on their American Girl doll line.
  2. There’s an open call for developers looking to turn the creator of Dungeons & Dragons’ unpublished work into video games.
  3. Snack time! Watch this video that shows how Hostess Cakes are made.
  4. 298 words are being added to the Scrabble Dictionary.
  5. The folks at Globe Brand have a new line of Sesame Street-themed skateboards.
  6. You can know play the Dejarik holochess game from Star Wars for free on iOS in augmented reality through ARKit.
  7. DYK? There was a 2003 effort to reboot Lost In Space that sounded entirely underwhelming.
  8. Modders are keeping the Game Boy alive and well.

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