Link Roundup: Pac-Man Dining Edition

8 things we wanted to share this week:

  1. There’s a Pac-Man-themed restaurant opening up in Chicago.
  2. Toy makers are beginning to catch on that construction sets aren’t just for boys anymore.
  3. If you like Spirograph, then check out Inspirograph, an online version of the iconic toy.
  4. Now that the hatchet has been buried, Marvel is releasing a deluxe, over-sized collection of Jack Kirby’s work.
  5. Ever wanted to see how a pinball machine is made?
  6. Beyond the Pet Rock: the enduring appeal of play pets.
  7. Toymaker K’Nex is returning the manufacturing of the wooden pieces in Lincoln Logs to the United States, after decades of being made in China.
  8. Mad Magazine’s Jack Davis is really not retiring after all.