Link Roundup: Letraset Action Transfers Edition

8 things we wanted to share this week:

  1. Instant picture books! A look back at Letraset Action Transfers.
  2. Celebrate Slinky’s 70th year and Slinky Day (August 30th) by busting out your best Slinky Jingle and sharing it online.
  3. Classic toys like He-Man, Hot Wheels, and Dino Riders get an Art show at LA’s Gallery 1988.
  4. Sesame Street is heading to HBO, opening up all sorts of cross-over potential.
  5. Coming soon to a reality show near you: Extreme Ironing.
  6. Just add a 3D printer! NASA has released a free printable model of the Curiosity Rover.
  7. A riveting game of District Messenger Boy anyone? A look at some 15 centuries-old board games.
  8. In this week’s curious casting news, Canadian Norm Macdonald is the new official Colonel Sanders for KFC.