Link Roundup: Crazy Foam Edition

8 things we wanted to share this week:

  1. Instant fun! Crazy Foam heads back to the tub, with characters from DC Comics in tow.
  2. To help you focus when using your adult coloring book, here are 13 colorful facts about Crayola.
  3. Give your desktop a certain “je ne sais crois” with one of these retro video game wallpapers.
  4. A look at some early video game prototypes that led to 1972’s Magnavox Odyssey.
  5. Have you tried Inspirograph yet? It’s an online version of Spirograph!
  6. The comic strip ‘Bloom County’ is making a comeback.
  7. There’s a new documentary on YouTube celebrating 70-years of Thomas the Tank Engine.
  8. These “sexy” arcade game advertisements from the 1980s will take you back.