Link Roundup: Death Star Beach Ball Edition

8 things we wanted to share this week:

  1. Required beach attire: the light-up Death Star beach ball from ThinkGeek.
  2. Ever wonder how your vintage Shaun Cassidy LP was produced? The infographic “The Birth of a Vinyl Record” will explain everything.
  3. Don’t forget the classics! Everything you need for a super fun Family Game Night.
  4. You can now “pop it and lock it” with the Breakin’ + Breakin’ 2 double-feature from Shout Factory.
  5. File under “necessary research”; someone ate and ranked all 27 Pop-Tart flavors.
  6. The end of an icon! F. A. O. Schwarz to close its doors on Fifth Avenue in July.
  7. Photographer James Mollison published a group of photos of children at play in school playgrounds around the world.
  8. Crayola Horrors: A look at some odd and unsettling vintage coloring books.