Link Roundup: Yes & Know Book Edition

8 things we wanted to share this week:

  1. Paying homage to the importance of Yes & Know books for making family road trips that much shorter.
  2. There’s a Dinky toy collection worth £250,000 that is headed to auction.
  3. Nintendo Power! Check out these classic covers of the gaming magazine.
  4. Star Wars collector? Don’t miss this new book.
  5. Which character did you play in Masterpiece: The Art Auction Game from Parker Brothers?
  6. In honor of National Bubble Week, read how they played a key role in the formation of Kenner toys.
  7. Downsizing your LEGO collection? The Giving Brick reconstructs and repackages sets and donates them to children in foster care.
  8. Set phasers on stun with these rare pics from Star Trek: The Original Series.