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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

Papertronics – Lunar Modules from Sparkle Labs

Company: Sparkle Labs
Available: Now
Price: $16 USD

If you could make an electronic origami creation, what would you create? With Papertonics, Sparkle Labs has reinterpreted origami into lunar landers with personality.

The New Jersey-based company’s Papertronics – Lunar Modules Kit includes a pre-cut paper model and paper electronic circuits. Each kit comes with a three-pack of lunar modules: Alien Girl, Spaceboy, and Tabula Rasa. While Alien Girl and Spaceboy are pre-designed, Tabula Rasa is a blank slate waiting for a unique design.

Three LEDS, three resistors, and three metal contact strips are the secret to Papertronics light-up abilities. You can build one of the landers in about 30 minutes, with a CR2032 button-cell battery, some tape, and glue. Once each unit is built, placing it in its lander will cause it to light up.

Papertronics – Lunar Modules check in at $16.00 USD per kit and are available from a variety of online resellers, as well as the Sparkle Labs online store.

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