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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

Robot Commando from Ideal

Released in 1961 by the Ideal Toy Company, Robot Commando was a 19-inch tall robot constructed of red, blue, yellow, black and white plastic.

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Mr. Potato Head FacTOYd

Mr. Potato Head is the official travel ambassador of Rhode Island, home to toy company Hasbro.

Mr. Machine from Ideal (1960)

Designed by Marvin Glass & Associates and released in 1960 by Ideal Toy Company, Mr. Machine became an instant hit for the company. The toy was essentially an updated version of the popular metal robots of the 1950s, except that Mr. Machine was made primarily of plastic.

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Space Pilot Helmet

In 1952, Tarco Toys allowed you to “whiz through space” with your very own Space Pilot Helmet.

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Swing Wing from Transogram

The Swing Wing was “a hula hoop for your head” – proof positive that the 1960s were where it was at! Somebody get these kids to a neck specialist stat!

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Slinky FacTOYd

It takes 63 feet of wire to make a Slinky.

Turn-A-Tune from Kenner (1958)

Released in 1958, Kenner Products’ Turn-A-Tune is a mashup of a vintage phonograph and a modern turntable.

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Monopoly Turns 80!

To celebrate World Monopoly Day, here are 8 fun facts about the game.

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Masterpiece: The Art Auction Game from Parker Brothers

Which flamboyant bidder did you play? Was it Baron Dietrich von Oberlitzer, “Bitsy” Rich Wong Dobrowski Keyes, Count François du Bonnet, Millicent Friendly, Roxy “Big D” Warrenson of Dallas, TX, or V. Elton Whitehall Esq.?

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Close ‘n Play Phonograph from Kenner (1975)

The popular Close ‘n Play Phonograph from Kenner simplified one of the most challenging aspects of operating a turntable: setting the needle on the record.

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