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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

Silly Putty

A vintage comic book ad for Silly Putty – “The Wonder Toy of the Twentieth Century.”

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With an ancient origin and operating under a variety of different names, few games of skill can boast the staying power of jacks. Historical evidence shows that children all over the world have been playing some form of the game for over two millennia.

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Collecting it Forward with Creations for Charity

Interested in LEGO? Check out Creations for Charity, an annual fundraising event that provides new LEGO building sets to underprivileged children during the holidays.

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The Big Wheel FacTOYd

The Big Wheel was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2009.

Tetris Celebrates 30 Years!

Long before FarmVille and Candy Crush Saga dominated game-play on Facebook, the computer puzzle game Tetris reigned supreme as the guilty gaming pleasure for millions of home computer and Nintendo Game Boy users. The game recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

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Soap, Bubbles, and Kenner Products

In addition to providing generations of children with countless hours of open-ended play, 2014 Toy Hall of Fame inductee, Bubbles, played an important role in the formation of iconic toy company, Kenner Products.

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Easy Bake, Easy Bake, Fast As You Can!

Easy-Bake birthday week continues with this #TBT post of a 1963 television commercial for the toy oven from Kenner Products.

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Magic 8-Ball FacTOYd

The Magic 8-Ball contains a 20-sided die, which in geometry-speak is known as an icosahedron.