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Modern Pinball NYC – New York, New York

Modern Pinball NYC is a family-friendly pinball arcade, museum, and education centre located a short walk from the historic Gramercy Theatre in New York City’s East Side.

When most people think of pinball, they don’t necessarily imagine a child-friendly environment; there was a prohibition on pinball in much of the United States from the 1940s until the 1970s, after all. Modern Pinball NYC provides a different experience from what one might expect. Gone are the dark lights, smoke-filled interiors, and nefarious characters. In their place, Modern Pinball NYC creates a welcoming space for everyone to discover – or re-discover – the delightful pastime that is pinball. An eclectic combination of new and vintage games awaits visitors. Familiar games such as The Six Million Dollar Man and Xenon stand alongside newer games like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Addams Family. Many of the games have plaques mounted on the wall behind them that tell of the significance of the game, underscoring the venue’s commitment to history and education.

The pay-by-the-hour admission ensures that famlies can enjoy themselves together without breaking the bank. The venue also hosts parties and welcomes school excursions through their Pinball EduFun program, a Department of Education approved offering designed to teach students about STEM principals through pinball.


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