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Light Bulb Baking: A History of the Easy-Bake Oven is the first definitive retrospective of the Easy-Bake Oven. The award-winning book celebrates the toy’s journey from children’s toy to pop culture icon and inductee to The National Toy Hall of Fame.

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ibpa-silver2014 Silver Best New Voice (non-fiction) Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) Benjamin Franklin Award
IP-bronze2014 Bronze Best Regional Non-Fiction (Canada-East) Independent Publisher Book (IPPY) Award.
indiefab-finalist2013 IndieFab Finalist for Popular Culture – Foreward’s Book of the Year Awards

“In the millions of toys that come and go, there are few that hold the prestigious honor of having an enduring, positive impact on the life of a child… Coopee does an enchanting job of capturing that in this book!”
– Michelle Spelman
Children’s Toys & Games Examiner –

“I am excited to think that millions of cooks today just might owe their interest in food preparation to a toy oven that gave them the capability and confidence to bake without supervision.”
– Paula Roy
Constantly Cooking

“A Fascinating History of the Easy-Bake Phenomena. Todd Coopee did an excellent job bringing the toy’s history to life through photos and stories.”
– Adventures in All Things Food

“If you are looking for a gift for that hard to buy for Kenner fan on your list, I have just the book for you.”
– Dan Flarida

“…and the gorgeous layout and design showcases the baked goods, all the different models, and vintage advertisements. Even if you’re not hip to the Easy-Bake scene, it’s worth checking out…”
– Pop Rewind

“Until reading Light Bulb Baking, I had no idea how many different Easy-Bake Ovens there were over the last 50 years. It was so cool to see the evolution of the toy and learn how it has changed. The book is filled with beautiful pictures, interesting infographics, fun facts and even delicious recipes.”
– Jessica Arias Cooper

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About The Book

How has a plastic toy oven powered by a standard incandescent light bulb become a cultural icon? Pop-culture pundits often say that trends fade quickly and ultimately make a comeback every 20 years or so. The Easy-Bake Oven belies this notion. Its staying power has been consistent for more than 50 years, with more than 30 million ovens sold.

In Light Bulb Baking: A History of the Easy-Bake Oven, I explore the innovation, history, economics, commerce, advertising, and marketing behind the toy’s 50-year history. The story of the Easy-Bake Oven is a microcosm of post-war America. It demonstrates how the energies of technical innovation shifted after the war effort toward consumers. It traces the birth and evolution of a new popular culture that celebrated American invention and playfulness while reinforcing family-oriented values and traditional gender roles.

My exploration of the Easy-Bake hasn’t stopped with the publication of Light Bulb Baking. I post regular updates on the book’s Facebook page and official Twitter account @lightbulbbaking.

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