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Galaxy Science Fiction

Galaxy Science Fiction was a print publication capitalizing on the public’s thirst for stories that expanded the imagination and played off the hopes and fears of society during the height of the Cold War.

Published from 1950 to 1980, Galaxy Science Fiction told stories of robots, aliens, flying saucers, and other topics steeped in intrigue and the unknown. The digest-sized publication earned praise for its high-quality storytelling, intriguing graphics, and forward-thinking approach to social and political issues of the times. The magazine was credited with elevating science fiction writing and remains influential, even today. Stories from notable writers such as Alfred Bester, Ray Bradbury and Jack Vance graced the pages of the magazine. Their sophisticated and edgy stories gave a legitimacy to the genre that had eluded other writers of the time.

Archived editions of Galaxy Science Fiction can be found on There are over 350 issues to enjoy. While not the full run of the magazine, it’s more than enough to satisfy readers interested in revisiting the golden age of science fiction.

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