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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.
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Link Roundup: WHAM-O Edition

8 things we wanted to share this week:

  1. Take a nostalgia trip with Slip-n-Slide, Instant Fish, and seven other classic toys from WHAM-O.
  2. Oregon Trail and five other games were inducted into the World Video Game Hall Of Fame.
  3. DIY Alert! Create a Raspberry Pi arcade using an IKEA LACK table.
  4. A look back at the history of the rubber duck.
  5. You’ll be able to whip up some Pikachu-style Ramen with the new Pokemon Cookbook.
  6. ‘Paradise Eye-land Eyeshadow’ is just one of the offerings in the new Wonder Woman cosmetics line from Walgreens.
  7. 95-year-old cartoonist Al Jaffee shows how he invented the iconic ‘fold-ins’ for Mad Magazine.
  8. Hot Wheels has released a die-cast version of ‘The Homer’ from season 2 of The Simpsons.

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